Bonny Brenda

Bonny Brenda

Met a vendor

At the Summer Fayre.

Said bonny Brenda

To the vendor,

“What have you got there?”


“Oh lots of things,”

The vendor said,

“There’s pies and breads and pasties,

Steak and kidney,

Sausage rolls,

And even bacon butties.”


Brenda frowned,

She was not pleased,

She found his stuff distasteful.

His folding table,

Six feet wide,

Held entrails by the plateful.


“Sorry I asked,”

Said Brenda at last,

“That’s yucky, you’re disgusting!

And if you think

This doesn’t stink,

You need your brain adjusting!”


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Bye Baby Bunting

Bye Baby Bunting

Bye baby bunting,

Daddy’s making something.

It’s safe and strong and soft within,

To rock his baby bunting in.

Bye baby bunting,

Daddy’s painting something.

It’s lilac, blue and pink within

To rock his baby bunting in.

Bye baby bunting,

Daddy’s fetching something,

A thing of beauty, made by him,

To rock his baby bunting in.


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Little Miss Greylag

Little Miss Greylag

Sat on a beanbag

Eating her mint Moo Free.

Along came a rabbit

Who tried hard to grab it

So Miss Greylag went straight home for tea.


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Angry Vegan

I try not to be an angry vegan,

I’m treading on eggshells you know,

So as not to upset fragile meaties,

And milkies and egg-lovers too.


The reason I ask them so gently,

To please stop paying for death,

Is because they say they won’t listen,

If I offend them by telling the truth.


And so while I tiptoe on eggshells,

They continue to breed and to kill,

The gentle, magnificent, blameless beasts,

Helpless slaves to the gluttonous will.


Well I am an angry vegan!

I feel fury and heartbreak and rage!

You hurt them, you break them, you kill them!

When you pay for their parts with your wage.


There is no excuse, you are heartless,

And I’m tired of pretending otherwise.

You hurt them and kill them for pleasure,

For your tastebuds’ habitual vice.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory dickory dock,

I’ve got a hole in my sock.

The sock’s the one

With piggies on,

Hickory dickory dock.

Ickledy spickledy speck,

My scarf is around my neck.

The scarf’s the one

With ducklings on,

Ickledy spickledy speck.

Umbuldy tumbuldy tack,

I wear my bag on my back.

The bag’s the one

With moo cows on,

Umbuldy tumbuldy tack.

Spirally jirally jook,

My things have my friends on, look:

There’s pictures of

The ones I love,

Spirally jirally jook.


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Old McSpreader

Sing to the tune of Old MacDonald 🙂

Old McSpreader had a farm,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

And on that farm he dished out muck,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

With a cow-pat here and a pig poo there,

Here a plop, there a plop,

Everywhere a ton of plops,

Old McSpreader had a farm,

Pee-u pee-u poo.

“Oh,” my ma says, “Oh, no no!”

“No no no no no!”

She says of washing on the line,

“It will smell of poo!”

She grabs a stinky towel here and a stinky sheet there,

Here a shirt, there a dress,

All of it a stinky mess.

“Oh!” my ma says, “oh, no no!”

“It all smells of poo!”

Old Green Grower spreads no muck,

No sal-mon-ell-a.

For her crops manure is green,

No e-coli either.

With clover here and mustard there,

Here some vetch, there some hemp,

Everywhere a lovely scent.

Old Green Grower spreads no muck,

Her fields are filled with joy 😀


Green manure – so much better for us and the world than sewage, blood and bone from factory farms.  Well duh!

Check it out 😀