Reflecto Girl: Beginnings

Check it out! 😀

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First Megan & Flos, now Reflecto Girl – all the brave girls stories are being turned into proper comics!  Here is Reflecto Girl: Beginnings – the first four episodes.  If you’re not familiar with Reflecto Girl, let me fill you in.

Renée Gale is an ordinary girl who becomes extraordinary with the help of an inheritance from her grandmother.  She becomes the latest possessor of the Dounto (pronounced doon-toe), a mystical mirror that has been passed down through the female line of her family since ancient Celtic times.  When the Dounto is held in front of someone doing something horrible to somebody else, the horrible thing they’re doing happens to them.

Armed with the Dounto, Renée is Reflecto Girl and she uses it to protect and defend animals 😀

Of course you can read all the stories for free at Violet’s Vegan Comics if you want to, but if…

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