I love colouring!

Just to let you know, the second editions of Honestly Books Learning With Crayons series of colouring books (Colour By Nutrients and Colour By History by August Bassett and Amy Fibbitts) have just come out and they are now much better value for money, priced at £3.50 and £2.80 respectively 😀

Colour By Nutrients explains why we need various vitamins and minerals and includes ink drawings of fruit and vegetables which provide them.  So, not only is it relaxing and fun to colour in the pictures, it’s also educational and you’ll have a very useful kitchen reference book at the end of it 😀

Colour By History is full of drawings of nice people from history to colour in (most of whom were veg*n) with a brief bio of them on the facing page including quotes and achievements.  Sources are listed at the bottom of the page so that you can find out more if you wish.  It really is fascinating and inspiring stuff.  A lovely read which renews your faith in humanity (well, some of it anyway 😉 ).  Learn about good people from history while colouring in their faces 😀

For more details go to veganbooksforchildren.com or click the links above to find them on Amazon 🙂


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25 thoughts on “I love colouring!

  1. A recent discovery for me as well! A couple of weeks back my wife had engaged a 10-year old visiting nephew in a colouring activity. I sat down and joined him and was soon totally immersed. Enjoyed myself 🙂

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